Warmest Wishes from Wisconsin! but really... it's pretty warm here...


Just another week in the great state of Wisconsin!!!... and still no snow... 
to quote my companion, "I think y'all are bluffin' 'bout your winters here!!"

highlights for this week:
·         we had a zone conference on tuesday and the last thing we did was sing every christmas hymn in the hymn book... guess who was conducting the music... guess who still can't feel her arm... hahaha you're right it was me for both! 
·         wednesday we had to spend lunch at the mall while our car was being fixed and this guy came up to us and said, "are you sisters???" turns out he was a recent convert from california and we told him to go to the ysa here!
·         i saw two bottles of vodka this week... and both were in members homes! hahaha one was to make some doterra spray and the other was to make vanilla extract!
·         we taught our first scripture study class this past thursday! we had one less active show up.... hopefully there is a better attendance for next week! ;)
·         we went caroling!!!!! it was great! we went to all of the old singles in our ward! it was great!
·         one of our investigators finally let us in her home!!!! yay! no more standing out in the cold while she stared at us through her screen door!
·         we had a great lesson with DE on friday! we reset her baptismal date, showed her the font and had her talk with a recent convert! ....after all of that she still didn't come to church on sunday... we just have to keep good attitudes and stay as patient as possible!
·         we got a new ward mission leader! he and his family moved here about 3 weeks ago so this should be interesting!!
you would think the first christmas away from your family would be a sad one and while i do miss them a lot, i get the special opportunity to not only celebrate the savior's birth but i get to teach and testify about it to everyone i see. i dont think any present under the tree could ever be more valuable and special than that!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Sister Roskelley

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