My First Wisconsin Christmas and it Wasn't White!!!


we still have no snow... it's kind of ridiculous... Idaho has apparently been dumped on so i think i am to blame for bringing a brown christmas this year! haha

highlights for this week
·         we had a great discussion with JD about the plan of salvation and grace
·         we went caroling a lot! -the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!
·         we learned how to make fried rice with PL our hmong less active!
·         we spent basically all of christmas eve delivering cupcakes to everyone!
·         i got so many presents from investigators, less actives, members, recent converts it was so heart warming! even though many of them were quite ironic.... an investigator gave us a coffee maker and a less active gave us cross necklaces.... hahaha i just knew that the present was coming from such a dear place in their heart! i think its safe to say that Wisconsin is stealing a rather large portion of my heart... ;)
·         i thought it would feel sort of lonely for my first christmas but our ward and the people around us just opened their loving arms and made our christmas so special!!!
·         Christmas morning we got up early and helped a single mom set up christmas for her three boys. it was a very spiritual moment to look at an entire tree full of gifts and know that none of them were for me. it made me more humble and more grateful! it also gave me a new perspective for christmas!
·         i got to talk to my family!!!!!!! yay for skype! geez i love those people! all was good! i got choked up a few times and realized how much i really missed them but everything was awesome! only bad part: realizing that i won't hug porter until 2018 because he has decided to leave for his mission right after he graduates from high school. so proud that my little bro has the desire to serve!
·         we helped a family further deconstruct their basement!
·         learned how to made challah bread!!! we used it for sacrament on sunday!!!
·         yesterday was my companion's birthday!!!!!!
·         today our less active PL gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!!!!!! we are going to visit her in the hospital tonight!!!!!
i hope every one's christmas was great and that you were able to feel a deeper appreciation for our Savior, Jesus Christ this time of season! thanks for all of the love and support!!!! and a special thanks to everyone who sent me christmas cards and packages!!!! till next week!!

-Sister Roskelley

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