If You Give a Pig a Pancake... or a Shot


this week was one for the books!
·         my dad sent me a talk and as i was walking out of the door to go to an appointment i got a prompting to grab the talk and less than 5 minutes into the lesson he started talking about the exact topics the talk covered! miracle! he is committed to read it and we will see what he thinks next lesson!
·         we found this awesome family and then we lost contact with them! wednesday we ran into them at costco of all places! we had lunch with them and set up a return appointment!
·         we gave one of our investigators a copy of the living christ. we went back this week and she had made us a christmas card. on it was ripped up pieces of the living christ we gave her! hahaha she was trying to be thoughtful and meant well but when we walked out of her house i couldn't help but laugh to myself :)
·         we helped a member spray for bugs!
·         we wrapped christmas presents for a family in need :) 
·         little baby M turned 2!!! we got invited to his birthday
·         we got one of our investigators really pumped about coming to the christmas party and then she cancelled on us. i was super bummed out. we went back to our apartment and then as we were leaving on of our neighbors (who we had invited to the party that morning) came out. we asked where she was going and she responded, "i'm going to church!" she came and brought a friend and we ended up having 10 of the people we invited come and 7 of those were investigators!!! we ran around the party like crazy making sure everyone was okay but it was awesome!!!
·         the reason for my strange email title... we wrestled pigs and gave them shots!!!!! they have a disease and needed medicine so who better to ask the missionaries! haha it was a crazy experience! (no i did not give the shots)
·         my testimony of fasting definitely grew from Sunday's fast! i received the answers to my prayers and more!
thanks for the love and prayers!!! love and miss you all!

-Sister Roskelley

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