Missions Are Hard But They Are Worth It!


this week i have come to a better understanding of the quote in the subject.
while being at the MTC was flipping AWESOME, now i realize that it was a lot like premortal life where we were all excited to come down and we were just overjoyed to be able to have a chance to fulfill our purpose. we were doing our best to learn and grow but without experiences that growth and learning is very limited. when those experiences started taking place, as in we came to earth, it must have felt like a ton of bricks hit us but thanks to the veil and the comfort of loving parents, the blow was probably well cushioned. 
well, Monday night and Tuesday morning, i didn't have either of those luxuries and i felt the full blow of each and every one of those bricks that hit me and it was extremely hard because i felt completely and totally alone in my pains and weaknesses. I did the only thing i knew how to do, pray. in those 15 hours it felt as though i spent the majority of it on my knees praying with every inch of my soul. as Enos put it, i was wrestling with the Lord. I was begging for comfort, pleading to know what to do, and crying to be able to overcome my many weaknesses. 
i found comfort in the hymn, "Where Can I Turn For Peace?" and after reading my patriarchal blessing, i knew i needed a priesthood blessing. after the blessing i felt the anguish of my soul slowly release its grasp on me and the rest of the day was truly amazing! my companion said it was one of the most productive and successful days she has ever had and we were even in a district meeting until like 2:00!! 
since that experience, my eyes have truly been opened to see the miracles that are happening around me! thursday we had our investigator DE, who has huge issues with anxiety and depression, and she called us asking if we could meet at the church which they have been trying to get her to do for months! She called us!!! she didn't come to church on sunday but we work one miracle at a time here people!!! 
another miracle was that we found this AMAZING family! they were put down as former investigators and my companion felt inspired to visit them so we did and when we knocked on the door they let us in, talked to us and agreed to let us teach their family FHE. they claim to be "happy where they are" but my companion and i are going to see what we can do about that ;)
about a week ago a referral came in from Washington from a guy (yes, the other side of the USA!) who met a lady on a plane and they got talking and now she is interested in the gospel and lives in Appleton! huge shout out to you member missionaries out there!!!!
anyway, our blessings here have been numerous and that was just to name a few! Times still get tough, i still miss my loved ones, and i get down sometimes but when that happens i just remember that i am about my Father's business and He trusts in me to do His work! when i have that perspective of my purpose, nothing can shake my faith!
im grateful for the support that so many have given me!
remember to also support your local missionaries!
love you guys and miss ya! 
Sister Roskelley

p.s. write me letters :)
my pictures are a throwback to meeting my mission pres and his wife and then a picture of my wall of motivation! i love my wall of motivation, its great!

My wall of motivation!

Pres and Sister Cutler

This is with two little boys of one of our recent 
converts and we go over to help a lot because 
she is a  single mother of 3 boys

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