Everyone Has to Have a Crazy/Hilarious Mission Story


it's just a fact! you are in a different place, sharing your beliefs with everyone you see, weird stuff is going to happen! i just didn't realize it would happen so soon to me!
so i woke up, got a good workout in and got ready for the day. i sat down to read Our Search for Happiness at my desk and i was across from my companion who is still in her pajamas, finishing letters. she asked if we could take them to the mailboxes downstairs, so i got up and went downstairs with her and *click* the door locked behind us! we went to our neighbors to use their phone to call the landlord and he told us he wouldn't be back until 3:00!!! we were suppose to get our weekly planning done and would have no other time to do it! we decided that we should go to our recent converts house but the only problem was, it was freezing cold outside, we had no way to contact anyone, i didn't have a coat on and my companion didn't have shoes on.
so there we were, i was dressed for summer and my companion is barefoot and in her pajamas and we were full on sprinting down the middle of the road at 7:30 in the morning. we got to the house, knocked on the door and she just stood there staring at us, she finally said, "what happened???" she let us in and everything worked out!
the Lord does provide! i know that there is a reason that everything happens and i take great comfort in knowing that i am being watched over out here!

highlights from my week include:
*hiding the elders bags at district meeting and having my skin react to touching the pine trees
*setting up an FHE with a non-member family
*writing out a pros and cons list for baptism with an investigator (he could only think of like 2 cons and we came up with like a billion pros and it was so awesome ;)
*loads of service for investigators, members, and part member families!  
(we are being just like Ammon when he tells the king, "i will be thy servant" Alma 17:25 and then later they all become converted!!! except my comp and i don't plan on severing any arms..... maybe our service won't have the same impact.... haha)
*i got to try on some Hmong traditional clothing (there are a lot of Hmong people here, in fact there are elders that speak Hmong in our ward!) so what i got to try on is what this lady wore for her wedding!!! crazy awesome!!! her little boy's name is Monthia. Hes 1 and he is so funny! anytime i am near the ground he attacks my face, steals my tag and pulls my hair, it's painful but very cute! and elder Xiong says that that means he like me!
*i got a Hmong name! idk how to say it but it translates to Moon Girl!
* i had dinner at the Barker's last night and they are related to Jessica Stasney! (sorry if i butchered your last name)

so i had a great week and i am really grateful for all of the love and support that i continually get from all of you! love you all!!!

-Sister Roskelley

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