Week 2 at the MTC


my last email was all about talking about how extremely happy i am here and how AMAZING it is and while this super excited grin is still on my face, this email i wanted to focus on the AWESOME things i have learned here!
miracles exist! they call us the 12 days miracles here because they cram everything a missionary needs to know in 12 days (not counting p-days!)
this week, to be honest, i have felt sorrow, but not for my self, for others. one example of this was when my comp and i were teaching our teacher in a role play situation and when we got to the end of the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he told us no. that painfully resonated in my soul and i couldn't figure out why until it hit me, i wasn't the one he said no to, he said no to Jesus Christ and everything He lived and died for. it made me realize that anytime we choose to "do it by ourselves" or just refuse to try we choose to say no to Jesus and everything He did for us. choose to say a resounding YES! to the atonement and the covenants that we made in baptism every day!!!!
Sunday's devo and mtc film were SO GOOD!!! words cant even begin to describe how strongly the spirit truly is the converter and how we are merely the vessels that although we may have a few leaks here and there, we need to do our best! my favorite quote from the devo was, "we get a front row seat to watch the most amazing and wonderful thing, a heart turn to Christ!"
the MTC film we watched, the character of Christ by Elder Bednar, was AMAZING!!! seriously perspective/mission/LIFE CHANGING!! he just spoke the truth so boldly and with no reserve! his basic message was that we need to fight off the natural man that tells us to turn inward and be selfish and we need to be like Christ and ALWAYS turn outward even when everything seems to be its bleakest!
Monday we started teaching an investigator and she is so sweet and receptive of our lessons she loves everything we have taught her. last night was our 3rd lesson and we invited her to be baptized she told us no because she didn't know if she could change. i testified that she had the power to change because she had the power of God on her side! i said a few other things then invited her to baptism again and she said that she had already been baptized in the catholic church and i reminded her of everything we talked about with us having the authority and testified that God had revealed to us the way to baptize. she was still unsure and so i said well you listed the one reason why you don't want to be baptized and then i asked her to list all of the reasons why she felt she should be baptized. she went on to list EVERY SINGLE bit of doctrine that we had taught her. she still couldn't see it so since our lesson time was well over i committed her to pray about it! when i got back to class all i could say to my district was, "we did our job, the spirit did its job,... and she still has her agency.
a positive thing that happened while teaching was that while we were role playing with our teacher we just couldn't get through to him and then i thought of a scripture mastery! Is. 53:3-5 and it TOTALLY turned the WHOLE lesson around! it led to him praying and feeling the spirit and knowing that God loves him!!
the church is true! i am loving it here at the mtc and i hope you've enjoyed some of the highlights from my week! next time i email i will be in the great state of WISCONSIN!!!
love and miss you alll!!!!!!
Sister Roskelley

Sunday temple walk

temple trip this morning

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