My First Email in the MTC!!


its officially been 48 hours!!! YAY!!! it feels like its been an eternity but its definitely been an amazing and spiritual and joyful eternity!!!
before i got to the mtc many told me it was like a prison and i could only find one similarity so far, the quote (from pitch perfect), "prison changed you" because the mtc has changed me sooooooo much in just these past two days!!!
it has made me so much stronger and so much smarter (gospel-wise.... still cant do math....) and i have learned to love soooooo much more than before!!! i feel love for my district and my zone and especially my companion Sister Koyle! She is seriously AMAZING!!!!! i loved her the moment i met her! funny story: when your host gets you at the mtc they take you back to get IDs and cards and info and stuff and through those lines she was right in front of me!!!! later i was holding the door to my building as as she walked by she stopped in the middle of the doorway, looked at my name tag, and said,"are you sister Roskelley???" and we jokingly tell people that we have been together since! haha she is truly perfect for me and i have soooo much to learn from her and it just adds to my testimony that Heavenly Father is watching out for me and loves me so deeply! honestly, there have been points in life where i had glimpses of Heavenly Father's love for me but these past few days i have felt it so much stronger and basically non-stop since i got here! along with that it feels as though i have had the Holy Ghost with me the whole time too. i have learned that He can truly be your constant companion, if you let Him be.
I cant even express the joy, comfort, and immense happiness that i have here at the mtc! its like spiritual bootcamp/intense and excelled schooling/efy (except no COWs aka crushes of the week!!!!) and take the spiritual experiences you had from all of those and times it by 100!!! that is how i feel right now! 
I have seen Elders Parker Hansen, Mathew Hansen, Sam Bennett, Tyler Ursenbach, and Josh Clemente!!! Elder Bennett and Clememnte, i saw right as i entered the mtc!!!
so basically, i love EVERYTHING about this adventure so far!!!! (minus the cafeteria food... but i've lost weight so everything has its silver lining!) 
i was trying to understand last night why i was so extremely happy (as i lay awake in bed and all i can do is smile a HUGE smile and attempt to even start to count my many, MANY blessings!!!!) and then i realized i am so extremely and deeply joyful because I am about my Father's work, just like Jesus was when Mary and Joseph were worried and looking for Him and found Him in the temple. many people have worried about me serving a mission, there have been tears, many goodbyes, and a lot of hugs (many came from my mom ;) and i just want to say to all these worriers (especially my mom), "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" because in it i have found the greatest of joys and deepest of gratitude and happiness and the most spiritual growth!
love you all SO SO much!!

Sister Roskelley 
me and my companion

my room with Sister Koyle(yellow cardigan) and Sister Hokanson

my bed and my pictures hung by my bed

amazing thing I learned today!!!

the first person that I saw after getting into the mtc!! 

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