Coming to You From the Heart of Wisconsin!


I've waited soooo long to say this, 
"i'm in Wisconsin!!!!!"

I've been here for almost a week and I have learned soooooo much! Im finding that there is A LOT that they left out at the MTC for us 12 day miracles!!! to say the famous quote,
"this is NOT the language that they spoke in the MTC!"
Ive learned words like, wiscAAAnsin (wisconsin), oot (out), hey dare (hello there), beg (bag), teg (tag), oooh ya!! (oh, yes), a-boot (about). Ive also come to know words like, outagamie, oshkosh, weyauwega, nieuwenhuis, waupaca, everts la, hortonville, sheboygan, and manawa. its crazy here!!!

so the last time i emailed i was finishing my time in the MTC! i had one last devotional on sunday and the speaker was Chad Lewis, his wife Michele, and Tysome Hill! it was pretty sweet! 

i left the mtc on tuesday and then wednesday i got assigned my trainer and my area!
my trainer is named Sister Rosenblum and she's from Memphis Tennessee, she went to BYUI for a year and she has the cutest southern accent and is so sassy! She's awesome! our area is the Appleton 1st ward!

some of the highlights of my (almost week) here were:

*realizing that missionary work is more than just knocking on doors, teaching lessons, and getting baptisms. that stuff is important but its definitely not everything!

*realizing that basically no houses here have light fixtures! they just have a bunch of lamps in every room and when they want lights they run around the whole room turning them on...

*I've been here 3 days and i already pulled out my winter gear

*my trainer always tells me that she knew she was going to get the cute one!

*you don't have a soul if you don't fall in love with the countryside here! im sure winter will be a different story but the fall here is AMAZING!!!

*learning not to judge! we have a few recent converts that we take care of and one is a single mom of three crazy boys and she can only afford to have a part time job. she has gone through some of the hardest of trials and she is still willing to give it all to God! its amazing! another is this black lady with a mohawk and shes a bus driver and she will go with us at the drop of a hat to any of our lessons and be willing to share her experiences!
*realizing that EVERYONE here has a pet, whether it be a dog or a cat or even a hamster, everyone has something!!! which means my black wool coat is often turned into a "fur" coat! thank the heavens for lint rollers!!! After a day full of visits and lessons and what not, we went to the church and it felt really weird for some reason... then i realized it was because it was the first time that day that i walked through some doors and i wasn't pounced on by some animal! 

*there is a set of elders serving in the same ward as us and they speak Hmong. its pretty sweet!

All in all, everything is great!!! 
its cold here and really hard to get into doors but the fall here is beautiful and the gospel is true so everything is awesome!

love everyone!!! email me and write me letters!!!
my address is:

Sister Roskelley
520 E. 1st Ave. #8
Appleton, WI 54911

signing off!
Sister Roskelley

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