What I Wish I Would Have Known Before Tagging Along With the Missionaries

i was sitting in sacrament meeting and one of the 
bishop's councilors was reading through the list of announcements

 and i will be honest, 
i wasn't hardly listening at all 

until he said, 
"for the first time in our wards history (its not super old) 
we are going to have sister missionaries,"

my heart jumped in its place!

i had been meaning to get a hold of sisters to see 
if they would let me tag along but i figured since 
i was in a different ward than the ones at the time, 
that they wouldn't be able to work with me very much 

but this was it!
"they are coming just for me!!!" i thought
then the spirit stopped me right there
as if to say, "yes, these sisters are coming for you
but they are coming for a lot of other people too.
help them reach out to those people"

it has definitely been a huge blessing to me 
and many, many others in this their area
 i love these sisters so much! 
they are so amazing that i thought i might share
a little bit of what they have taught me so far

1. they want you to speak up during a lesson 
members can sometimes provide the insights or experiences 
that glue the whole discussion together!
whenever a question is asked come up with an answer in your head. 
usually of the sisters will answer it but sometimes 
they will call on you for an opportunity to share or add on comes up

2. you will meet crazy people
if you go out with the missionaries enough you will find 
someone who just blows your mind away 
with the theories that they have come up with by themselves. 
while they might be confused, they are still children of God 
and if you only get that message across to them 
sometimes that will be all they need to know to be able to receive further truth.

3. pray for guidance
the first time i went out with the missionaries 
i was in a hurry and did not do this. 
i was completely overwhelmed and by the end of it all
 i didn't say a peep to contribute to the discussion. 
for the next discussion and every one after that 
i prayed and had a prayer in my heart 
and it lead me to be able to answer questions and 
provide comments that aided the investigators overall understanding. 
i, being not a very eloquent speaker, found that when i prayed,
 answers would come in my head and out of my mouth 
in such fluidity that i knew it was heaven sent

4. try to think of anything you can do to help 
the missionaries or the investigators or both!!

5. soak in as much as you can! 
one time I sat in the back of the missionaries' car and 
just watched them write teaching reports and actually learned a lot!

6. ask LOT of questions after!
maybe even write them down during the discussion!
they are obviously your #1 source for missionary work
so start picking their brains!

7. bring your scriptures. 
when you have them with you, the Holy Ghost 
has a lot more to work with in terms of revelation ;) 
and its a good example to investigators

8. be willing to listen and be present, always trying 
to relate or understand the investigator
Showing the investigator that you can be present 
and care about what they are learning and what they need
 in their life can sometimes be all the difference between inviting 
the missionaries back or not or even coming to church or not

9. never be the distraction from the discussion
 Sometimes off topic conversations will happen
 but do your best to help get it back on track.

10. silence can be a good thing!
A lot of times we, as humans, feel the need to fill "awkward silences" 
but often times those silences found after a heavy topic 
or an in depth question are really just "revelatory silences" 
where the investigator is figuring things out for themselves 
and it is in those instances that you will see their testimony grow!

11. love the investigators but don't weird them out
 while you might love these people at sight and claim
 to know them because they are a child of God, 
(this is my excuse! once a brother always a brother!;)
they don't know you, they know the missionaries. 
don't be offended when they don't open up to you right away
 and don't have a hug for you at the end of the discussion. 
i came across this and ultimately had to come to the conclusion
 that i will  just save all that love and those friendships for my mission :)

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