Missionary Photoshoot


it all started with a call monday at 11:00 pm
"megan, will you do the biggest favor for me???..."
whenever i hear this i automatically think, "oh no"
 i automatically start to assume the worst!

"so my friends and i need you to take missionary pictures
for us tomorrow morning. i know its asking a lot but will you???"

i said yes not knowing the location, the number of people, 
who they were, not knowing a time
basically i didn't know anything

"awesome!!! thank you so much i owe you big time!"
that was the response i got. 
no explanation. 
no answered questions.

so after location and time is set up i go to bed
 to get a few hours of sleep before i get up to try and beat the sun

it turns out that one of the guys in this group of missionaries
was called to a mission in salt lake city
and while on his mission he has some medical complications
so after 4 months of serving he went home for surgery

surgery and rehab went well but it took a total of 6 months
(that's longer than he originally served!!!)

and during those 6 months his original mission dissolved
everyone that was currently serving got reassigned

what do you do when your mission no longer exists???
you get a new call!

so this guy was just waiting to receive his new call any day
well it came.
it came on a monday
he got called to california
and he was to leave the next friday!

even though it was last minute and i had to get up early
i am so grateful that i had to opportunity to photograph 
these amazing future missionaries

they added so much to my testimony 
especially that Heavenly Father puts us where we are suppose to be
and that He has a plan for each and everyone of us!
He knew that two different places would need a certain young man
so He made it happen

it brings so much peace to my heart and mind
when i realize my life is truly in His hands

when you decide to give your life to God
and i'm talking truly let it all go
every doubt, every fear, every failure
it allows Him to turn it into something magnificent
something so amazing that the plans and dreams you
had planned before can't even compare to who you are 
and where you are now

tips & tricks
1. the lighting can your best friend
or your worst enemy
you choose!
overcast can be perfect because you get light 
but the clouds block it from being too harsh
for me there wasn't a cloud in the sky
so going early in the morning 
or near sundown is going to give you the best lighting 
 (plus sunrises and sunsets are amazing in pictures!)

2. get low
by getting closer to the ground you can eliminate 
a lot of the distracting things in the background
(you would have never guessed that this shoot 
was right in the middle of the city!)

3. its all about the pose
for a group of guys like this, the simpler the better
by making everyone do the same pose 
it makes it less distracting and less busy
you have to be picky and make them be exactly the same!

4. do whatever feels natural
guys aren't usually that great at taking pictures
because they worry so much about looking dumb that they look dumb
i find it helps if describe what you are looking for from the picture
let the guys try to figure out how they would pose themselves
 and then just fine tune it from there
when you tell people how to pose sometimes it looks great
but when you let people pose themselves it will always look like them

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