Wondering If You Should Serve?


about 1 year ago i was in the same shoes as you

i thought i had the desire to serve... but i wasn't sure

i thought i wanted to submit that paper work... but i couldn't be certain

i thought i maybe wanted to put college and boys on the back burner... but i wasn't positive

through all of this confusion and all these mixed feelings, I went to the Lord in prayer and my answer at the time was essentially that my answer was coming. 

so there i was, trying to go about my business, while on the inside i was dying to know what the Lord had in store for me. 
then i realized the perfect opportunity to receive revelation was coming up, i had a three week period where the first week was efy then the week after that girls camp then the week after that bys! (boise youth spectacular, like efy but in boise) I was bound to get my answer then! 

My best friends and i went to efy together and it was so awesome! well... besides the fact that all of the guys in our group were wayyyyyy younger than us... it was chalked full of many fun and spiritual experiences! 
but i was still waiting for my answer... until during one of the break out sessions our class got out just a few minutes late and those few minutes costed us big time! every class room seemed to be full for the next class! 
as we were running in circles peaking our head into every room on the floor a counselor approached us and said,
"hey there is a class downstairs that still has open seats!"
we didn't even know what the class was about, heck, we didn't even know there were classes on the lower level but we went!

can you guess what the class was on?
it was on missionary work

not to be selfish or to discount anyone else's revelation that was gained in that class but that class was for ME
the teacher began with telling us to take our note books and divide the page in half.
one side saying: what the teacher tells me
the other side saying: what the spirit tells me

so there i was writing down what i was hearing from both sources until my pencil went over to the spiritual side and what i wrote shocked me

in my notebook were the words:
I am ready to serve a mission

the spirit spread from my heart out and all i could think was:
there it is! there is my answer!
i am ready to serve a mission!
thank you efy!

fast forward: I went and had one of the most spiritually enlightening and empowering girls camps i have ever had!!! 

i learned so much and did so much that i actually kinda forgot about the answer i received at efy...

i know! 
just thinking about it i feel like i should have struck down or shocked with lightning or something!
but because Heavenly Father was patient with me he sent me a little reminder...

fast forward to a week later at bys
i get there and meet up with my counselors
they are awesome and on top of things so they give me all of my stuff for that week and tell me to go to my dorm room, put my things away, and put on my new shirt

find room

put things away

put shirt on...
i look at shirt laid out before me
and again the words before me absolutely takes me back
it reads:

I am ready now!

i was filled with  the warmest, most comforting feeling of the spirit and i knew this was the rest of my answer

I am ready to serve a mission
I am ready now!

now whenever i have a moment of doubt or fear i just repeat the phrase

i am ready now

and i am immediately filled with the same spirit i felt the first time

 my story is just that
my story

take from it what you will but ultimately the way people receive revelation is different, the way people feel the spirit is different, and most importantly the plan that Heavenly Father has for each person is different.

we are each on our own path back to our Heavenly Father
He knows the way you should go

so if you are wondering if you should serve,

ask Him

i have found that
He knows all of the answers

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