What I Learned From Working in the Temple and What I Wish I Would Have Known Before

(this was something i wrote after i got done with my first shift 
 at the temple so i wouldn't forget anything!) 

 i just got done with my first shift at the temple 
and my heart is absolutely filled and spilling over 
 from the experiences i have experienced today! 

 all I want to do is share these truths and feelings 
that i have with everyone that i see!!! 
 i am so grateful that i have been called on a mission 
 so that soon i will be able to do just that! 

 for now i will settle with sharing this with you 
 please let me share with you just a peak 
at a few of the things i learned so far in the temple.

(my parents and i after my first time through the temple)

1. go to the temple no matter the circumstances. 
i woke up at 4:30 this morning for a 6 hour shift, 
(after being up last night till midnight) 
and it ranks up there with some of the best decisions i have made. 

plus being at the temple i saw these beautiful elderly people
 who could barely walk and function and 
they make the temple a priority in their lives. 

right now i'm headed of to go to work for another 6 hours, 
i plan to go back to the temple after and i couldn't feel more energized 
and ready to seize the day and all the goodness it might bring!!! 

2. i have never felt the spirit so strong and so consistent anywhere else. 
truly a blessed experience! 

3. become a temple worker!!!! 
i preformed ordinances that i memorized 
just an hour before doing them! 
it was several sentences long and i was able to do it! 
the Lord truly preformed a miracle in my life today. 

and i got to be places and experience things that normal patrons don't. 
sitting in the celestial room by yourself truly has 
no match with anything on this earth!! 

4. little miracles will surround you if you just start looking for them
 one of my positions today was to stand 
in front of the large sealing room with my mentor 
and a man walked up and said,

"it takes two of you to guard this door to an empty room???

Jokingly and then seriously he said,

"oh I see now, I see that this room is absolutely full. 
Every single seat has been taken."

 I then felt each and every spirit in the room impress upon me.
 I too, like the man, found that room to be filled with the most beautiful spirits
and I almost started crying because my heart was so filled! 

5. My mentor today told me some advice 
for anyone preparing to go to the temple for the first time she said,

"Don't worry about what's being done, 
don't worry about what's going on around you, 
instead listen to the words of the ordinances
and listen to the spirit."

 I hope some of what I said has touched you as it did me. I know that the temple is the place where we need to ultimately set our sights on. I love to see the temple but more than that, I love to be in the temple.

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  1. I loved hearing about your new experiences in the temple! I'm so proud of you and the beautiful woman you are becoming. I'm so excited for you and the adventures that await you on your mission! I love your idea to have this blog because you're right. Not many missionaries talk about their experiences leading up to leaving on a mission. Can't wait to hear more... =)

    1. I'm just glad that I have this opportunity to share! And I am really greatful for all of the support!!!


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