.... its actually older than our last car.... 
but it has a USB port so we can actually listen to Christmas music!
highlights from this week!!!
·  we went caroling at an old folks home with our bishop and his company
·  we read a scripture to the less active old German lady that we visit and help and she yell, "i am not a sinner! this scripture does not apply to me. select a better article next time!" well okay then! hahaha
·  while tracting we met this family who the grandpa had listened to the missionaries but while investigating he got cancer and died. the family was willing to meet with us to see what it was all about!
·  a man at a gas station recognized us as sister missionaries!!! (as we were buying an ice scraper) most people wouldn't think this is miraculous but that just shows how rare it is that people know who we are ESPECIALLY if they are not of our faith! we left him with a book of Mormon! :)
·  we had transfers this week and due to messed up schedules and people getting behind and mixed up we ended up waiting a lot longer than we had planned and then because we are close to the mission home we were shuttling around missionaries going home for the entire day... but it was cool to get all of their advice and light and testimonies!
·  we met with SZ and we wanted to talk to her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon to see where her testimony is with the cornerstone of the religion. so we tried to gently lead into it and then she just straight up said, "i know Joseph Smith is a prophet! i was just telling my cousin about his experience and how he is called of God!"..... well that answered our concern! on Sunday she came to church and due to Satan just full on attacking her with a myriad of events (being sick, girl probs, family probs), she ended up being late to church and she was so upset with what had happened that she spent the remainder of sacrament meeting crying in her car. we went out and comforted her and brought her into Sunday school and relief society. she really enjoyed it and she took great comfort in reading the scriptures! after church the elders gave her a priesthood blessing and she said that it made her feel a lot better about everything! it was a really powerful experience!
·  so we went proselyting out in the negatives this week! oh what fun!.... i still cant feel my face and feet....
·  we felt inspired to visit a former investigator and she was home. she right away started to tell us how it wasn't a good time and began to shut the door but it was really cool what happened as we asked her questions and listened to her concerns and the trials she has faced that we were able to find truths to testify of! we had a great conversation and she ended by telling us that she wasn't ready for religion and we testified that it would only help her in her situation but that it was her choice!
·  we have been getting member referrals!!! our recent convert EL is working on two people and then a member approached us on Sunday about a friend of hers who husband recently passed and is seeking greater comfort!
·  i got the strangest/nicest compliment from one of the members here! he told me that i have a very distinct voice. that when i talk, people listen and the spirit is immediately invited and felt. i thought that was neat of him to say that!
all in all that was my week! 
hope you all have a merry Christmas!!!!!

-Sister Roskelley

 our new car (warning: i look like a potato)

snow comparison

a beautiful scene

an ugly scene

at transfer point with my past STL!! love her!!!

Wisconsin has been showing its true colors this week these past couple of days with the weather!
now THIS is the Wisconsin i remember! ;)
one plus is that people are able to clearly see how dedicated we are AND they are more likely to let us in their homes!
·  Tuesday we had zone training meeting and my favorite part was where everyone got up and bore their testimony of how Christ has carried them in their missions. seeing my cute little trainee missionary bear her testimony gave me the perfect opportunity to ponder and reflect where i was when i first came out and how broken and weak i truly was and how trying to fight it took me farther away from God but how admitting it, being humble, and laying all of my broken pieces at the feet of the Savior has truly been the thing that turned those weak things into strengths! i am so grateful for the atonement!
·  we had an investigator, KT come to the scripture study class that we hold at the church and we spent the entire time teaching her the restoration using the articles of faith! some of the comments made by the people that were also at the class sort of derailed but we ended on a great note with KT saying that she is truly spiritually seeking! she grew up in Russia with a completely atheist family and lived there up until 7 years ago! she really took in everything that was said and had some AMAZING questions!!! we gave her a church tour and she is going to be at the scripture class next week!
·  we went on exchanges and it was AWESOME!!! my poor little STL was super sick so we tried to take it easy. after lunch we got a call from president informing us that he had read her email about having difficulty figuring out how schooling will work and that she might need to go home three weeks into this next transfer. he said that she needed to make a decision THAT DAY!!! *ensue panicking* we sat down and she made a ton of phone calls to try and figure out her scholarship and the options she had and amidst the chaos, the spirit was very very strong! it was amazing to see how slowly more and more her eyes were opened and she received the revelation that she needs to go home a few weeks early for school!! it was such a blessing for me to be a small part in this process and see how the Lord works!
·  we taught SZ the 10 commandments and then two days later taught her the.... law of chastity! the lesson went REALLY well! we expounded to her the doctrine and she clearly understood and agreed with all of it and then we had the two members that were with us bear their testimonies of the law of chastity, as they both had some very defining and shaping experiences with it. it was so powerful and it was neat to see that at the end of all of this my trainee looked at her and said, "i am just going to be very blunt and ask will you keep the law of chastity?" (proud mom moment!) SZ thought and then responded by asking "what does that mean to me?" we explained the changes that she would need to make in her life. she said that she wants to make those changes and she understands why she needs to and truly does believe what we taught, its just going to take some time. we left her with the commitment to figure out how, talk with her boyfriend, how she is going to keep the law of chastity. on Sunday SZ reported that she had a wonderful conversation with her boyfriend and he said that he would marry her today! she said that she will still need some time. she explained to us that she is taking this time so that she can do it right. she said that technically her boyfriend doesn't "live with her" but she recognized that she would be lying to God to overlook that aspect of her life in preparation for baptism. this girl. i have no words.
·  Friday we went to 3-6 week new missionary training and did lots of role plays and listen to lots of training!
·  we had the part member family C and JM come to the Christmas party!!!
·  my comp and i BOTH spoke in church! i got asked last Sunday and she got asked Friday night!
·  we went tracting in the snow and saw MANY MIRACLES!!!! 2 hours, one street, 4 new investigators. one was this super nice black lady who responded to our message the EXACT way that i always thought before my mission that people would! we recited the first vision of Joseph smith to her and she just said, "WOW!" then we explained the book of Mormon and she could not believe everything we were telling her! she was so glad to receive a book of Mormon and then when we asked if we could come back she exclaimed, "of course! of course! thank you SO much!!!"
i just love the Christmas season! :)
dont forget to include Christ into yours!
-Sister Roskelley


we decorated the returning less actives door! 
she wanted it puppy sand packer themed! haha

3-6 week training


my comp doing a jumping picture...... hahahaha

our teenie tiny kitchen/bedroom

*awkward silence on doorstep*........

this is the response of the BEST/FUNNIEST thing that has EVER happened in a door approach!!! haha
this guy was super nice, he even went and put on a coat so he could stand outside and talk with us! 
so about a minute into the conversation we are talking about how many churches its hard to tell if they are man made or of God. 
then, as if to try and see our opinion on the matter, 
he said what i titled for my email, "at least your not Mormon!"........
there was a moment where we were absolutely shocked that this guy ACTUALLY said that to us....... 
then i cheerfully and confidently responded, "actually we are!!" 
hahaha he immediately began to apologize but i could tell that he didnt feel too bad because you could just see that he was seeking and hungry to learn more.
it was almost like he wanted to bring up the church!!!
we took full advantage of the misconception to teach him what we really are founded upon!
we shared the first vision and he asked if he could keep our pamphlet and then when we testified of the book of Mormon and offered him one he said,
"well i wont be able to read the whole thing before you come back but i will read it!"
boom! commitment to read and pray and to have a return appointment!
if it isn't awkward it isn't missionary work!
my companion said, "okay this guy HAS to get baptized now just for the conversion story!!!"
this is what we get for praying for prepared people! God is good to us! :)
·  another prayer was answered this week... i was feeling some of the natural man creeping in with my pride levels.. always have to keep those in check... and i got really desperate and i did the unthinkable..... i prayed for humility.... those of you who have done this know what i am talking about... when you pray for humility the Lord doesn't just magically make you humble, He gives you experiences that MAKE you humble! i am not going to go into detail with all of what happened but lets just leave it at that i got pulled over for the first time (no ticket thank goodness!) and we got locked out of our apartment and had to go tracting with whatever we could find in our bags.... there were many other things that i was hit with but it sufficeth me to say that i have been sufficiently humbled....
·  we had an awesome lesson, as usual, with SZ!! i have come to terms with the fact that it has NOTHING to do with me! she was ready for these truths and she basically guides the whole discussion with her questions and then after we explain whatever it is she goes onto bear us her testimony of why she feels that it is true. yesterday we watched the Christmas devotional. they mentioned temples and she asked what they were. we said that they are where sacred ordinances are done and where we are married. super super simple answer. follow up question: so what about members and non-members? answer: we believe that the temple is the house of God so we need to be worthy to enter into it. her response, "that makes sense." she literally astounds me every time we meet.
·  we felt like we should go back by this house where the family told us that they were too busy at the moment. they let us in and come to find out that they had member friends that have invited them to ward activities and they asked if they could come to the scripture study class that we teach! (we are hijacking the lesson TOTALLY sneaking in the restoration! :)
·  this week we got with the elders that we share the ward with and we got on the same page and miracles are going to happen!
·  we stopped by the Hmong lady again this week because she didn't call us back for an appointment and we found out that her sister-in-law passed away over the holiday. it was a wonderful experience to be able to talk about the plan of salvation and comfort her with our testimonies!
·  tracting this week we came across the craziest street! one of the stories i already shared but further down the street we had a family invite us in! as they decorated their Christmas tree they answered our survey and then they turned it back around on us and asked us the questions! it was neat to see that in contrast we, young people, had a solid understanding and testimony of those things! we also met a lady who told us that her religion is wicken and that she is a witch.... and then we had this nice Lutheran couple that told us that they loved the Mormon tabernacle choir! strange things!
·  we got in with JM again and did more service for her and while we were eating lunch, we again discussed all of the options that she had to share the gospel with her fiance and then later we asked her for a referral and then she ended up putting two and two together and said that she would talk to her fiance and see if we could teach them!!!!
·  we went caroling to less actives, investigators, non-members, and lonely members with Sis. E. (the lady we live with) and her great grand kids! after that we had dinner with the whole gang where we were able to have a great conversation with two of her less active grand children and then on the car ride back we got to teach one of her non-member great grandchildren the restoration! talk about multi-tasking!!!
we had SO MANY amazing things happen to us this week and the Lord is truly helping us to reach higher! :)
its impossible for us to NOT remember Christ this Christmas!
-Sister Roskelley

the district! we are the ONLY girls
my hair is longer than my arm!!!!
a house that went all out for Christmas
best part was the neighbor!!! hahaha
it snowed!!!!
the district! we are the ONLY girls

my hair is longer than my arm!!!!

a house that went all out for Christmas

best part was the neighbor!!! hahaha

it snowed!!!!


thanksgiving has always been a wonderful holiday where we eat everything in sight to show we are grateful but THIS thanksgiving was extra amazing because
1.      we had little touches of Wisconsin dairy all throughout- chocolate milk as thick as a Wendy's frosty and the creamiest ice cream ever invented!!.... needless to say we may be a few pounds happier :) hahaha jk we have been killing it with our workouts! we even did a turkey day 5k!!! i love my running buddy!
2.     I got to be a missionary during this wonderful holiday which means that i got to share the thing that i am most grateful for and that i hold most dear to my heart.... and that is the gospel!!!! i marvel at this calling to be a missionary and i am so very grateful for this opportunity!
3.     we saw SO MANY miracles associated with this wonderful holiday of gratitude!!!!
·  i just have to say training has been awesome!!!! my comp is becoming such a powerful teacher and missionary! i am amazed by her DAILY and she has honestly become one of my best of friends! we get work done and we have fun doing it!
·  our mission president set the expectation that we have a member at 100% of our return appointments! its been humbling and wonderful to try and strive for these expectations! there have been many close calls but i have seen that as we do all we can the Lord truly does provide!!!
·  we met the the Methodist Hmong lady again and this time we had a Hmong book of Mormon to give to her!! she loved it! we taught her the restoration and at the end we invited her to baptism. she declined by saying she has already been baptized. whoa! what do you say to that??? i had no idea on the spot what i should say and how but i opened my mouth and i was able to lovingly and boldly explain the priesthood without being overbearing or offending! it was amazing! we gave her the information and then she concluded that if she knew these things to be true she then would be baptized!
·  SZ is amazing. i cant even begin to explain this wonderful woman that i have been so blessed to be able to associate with! we went to teach her the rest of the plan of salvation but when we got there she had not read the assigned reading. we let her know that we were disappointment but we didnt leave it at that. we asked why she hadnt read. after a few excuses it soon became apparent that SZ had no idea what the book of Mormon was! the missionaries before us had given it to her so we had just assumed she knew.... well we went through and taught her about the importance of the Book of Mormon and by the end she resolved that she needed to challenge this book and the truth it claims to contain! later we taught her the rest of the plan of salvation. we began by watching pres. utchdorf's first address in the last conference and the spirit was so strong!!! by the end our member that was with us was crying and she was able to bear pure testimony of the plan of salvation and the latter day prophet! we bore testimony along side this member and soon my comp was in tears and then at the very end of the lesson SZ began to bear her testimony that she knows these things are true! she began to cry as well and she thanked us for our service and that it means so much to her because our sacrifice has made it so that she could have greater light and understanding in her life and has ultimately brought her closer to God. she told us that we should KNOW that even if nobody else listens to our message that we made a difference in her life. it was so powerful! she said that the Mormon church was the LAST church she ever planned on looking into and that her family was so shocked that she plans on joining! she didn't skip a beat when she said, "i don't live my life for people, i live it for God" this amazing lady strengthens MY testimony!
·  we were able to do service for a part member family with a recent convert and the bishop and his wife! it was very therapeutic anbd such a great experience!
·  we decided that we needed to go tracting on thanksgiving.... i was very leery about what may come of it but decided that was what we needed to do! we picked a street the night before an then went out! one side of the street we could barely get a few words in before they had to get back to their kitchen or were too busy. we pressed forward! the other side of the street we got let into a few houses AND we got some new investigators!!!! it was a miracle!!! the last house that we had time for  was a wonderful christian couple who were very strong in their faith! the wife use to be Catholic but after have a child she saw that children were innocent and that was just the tip of the ice berg for her. we had a fantastic discussion! we asked if they would ever consider reading a book of scripture written by prophets that testifies of Christ. they promptly said no but after testifying of it and sharing Moroni 8 with them they kept the copy of the book of Mormon, said we could come back and invited us to attend their church where the husband would be speaking the next Sunday!
·  we FINALLY got in with this part member family! we had texted them trying to set up an appointment and them the third time we felt that we should ask if we could do any service! they took us up on it and we were able to talk to the member wife who has been less active since the age of 15 but wants her baby blessed and her husband to come into the church!
·  we decided to go to the evening service for the church we were invited to. it was very interesting and educating but it felt very dry and almost boring..... the spirit want there completely. we sat and listened and then afterwards the pastor of the church pulled us aside saying that he had some questions for us. i tried to calm my heart and mind and prepare for whatever anti material he was going to throw our way. we sat down and he began by asking what we believed about the plan of salvation. i opened my mouth and somehow i led into the restoration. he asked what is that? we testified to him of all of the doctrines of it and he really understood what we were talking about. he oped up the book of Mormon and began to inquire about one of my favorite chapters in the book! 2 nephi 29 where it talks about why the book of Mormon is necessary! he asked many questions and then we got onto the topic of prophets and my comp bore powerfully and humbly a beautiful testimony about modern day prophets and that this church is true. the pastor wants to meet with us again and said that we had really opened his eyes and that he was encouraged by what we shared!
i have so much to be thankful for and i am just so grateful that the Lord is leading us to the honest seekers of truth!
-Sister Roskelley

zone conference!!!! 
an elder i came out with is my Assistant to the President, an elder i came out with is my Zone Leader and an elder i came out with is my district leader!!!! PLUS i am in the same zone as my mtc comp! crazy!!!

sushi with one of the senior couples!!! eel, tuna, salmon, and shrimp!

SZ text to us <3

matching running jackets :)​
zone conference!!!! 
an elder i came out with is my Assistant to the President, an elder i came out with is my Zone Leader and an elder i came out with is my district leader!!!! PLUS i am in the same zone as my mtc comp! crazy!!!

SZ text to us <3

sushi with one of the senior couples!!! eel, tuna, salmon, and shrimp!

matching running jackets :)​

so my comp is a runner so we have been out running in the mornings
(FINALLY i got a comp that runs! hahaha) 
but we have also been working really hard and it feels SO GOOD to get back into stride with the work!!
·  we had dinner and a lesson with the member we live with and one of her best friends SG! she isn't a member of our church and her church will be disbanding in the near future so she is looking for a different church! we discussed with her the restoration and it went really well! she loves us missionaries!
·  we had a great lesson on the plan of salvation with J&SW. they realize that they need to act on this message by reading, praying and coming to church or else the things that we are teaching wont make a difference! its what we do about the knowledge that makes the difference! we are doers of the word, not hearers only!
·  we had a great lesson with our recent convert EL! she went to the temple a few months ago and she is really trying to dig deep into the gospel so we meet with her to teach her the tools! this time we taught "likening" or applying the scriptures and it was really awesome! at the end of the lessons we asked about her friend that had met with the missionaries and she said that she would set up an appointment with her and that she also referred us to her granddaughter and is going to set up a time for us all to meet sometime after thanksgiving! i have a testimony that good member relationships = referrals!
·  we met with SZ, our miracle from last week, and we taught her part the plan of salvation. she loved all of it! she said that the things we taught her so far all makes sense! she concluded that the church was true because she said that she has been involved in religion her whole life and if she is being enlightened with just the basics of our church how much more truth must be out there for her to find!! we concluded the lessons by softly leading up to a baptism date. we said that we had prayed about a date for her to be baptized and we came up with January 7th. i was about the give it a cushion by saying that she can pray about it too and see how she feels about it but before i could do that she automatically agreed! she thought that it sounded perfect and is really excited!!!! she did express the fact that she does want us missionaries to leave because she will miss us. perfect time to testify of the church and ward family right? well before we could SZ went on to explain that very thing to us! she said that she had attended churches that she didn't like just because she wanted to feel close to God. this church has already brought her the closest she has ever been to God so no matter who is there, she will be there because that is how important that relationship is! this girl blows my mind WEEKLY! she also came to the Relief Society activity and came to a dinner at the Bishop's house. it doesnt get more solid than that!
·  i asked my cute little trainee where we should go as i handed her a stack of former investigators. she picked one out, first house of the day, the welcomed us and set up an appointment for next week! my comp is gaining so much confidence in her abilities and the Lord!!! :D
·  we met with RH, recent convert and went over the commandments! it was a great lesson! he decided to work on building his testimony of fasting AND yesterday he got his patriarchal blessing!!!!
·  we did a lot of tracting this week and we saw a lot of miracles!!!!
·  we met so many people that have friends that go to our church it was insane!
·  we went to go down this street and at our first 2 doors we got some hard core NO's (they hurt a little bit...) they were most likely people who are of another faith.... very Christ-like way to treat people... anyway the next house we were talking to this lady about what she believes, turns out she is atheist BUT she wanted to learn more and set up a return appointment with us!!! lesson: dont judge people by their denomination or current status in life!!
·  it was freezing cold and dark out, no one wanted to talk to us and this cute little hmong family invited us into their warm home!! we taught them and they agreed to a return appointment!
·  i found myself praying a lot for those who were prepared and we ran into two different gentlemen that were an answer to those prayers! one had just had the church he was attending disband and the other lived in the duplex (two houses stuck together) and the other one caught on fire and killed his neighbor but he survived and his house is just fine! excited to see where those will go!
the Lord is just pouring out the blessings upon us!!! 
i have SO MUCH to be grateful for this wonderful season!
thanks for the continued love and support!!!
-Sister Roskelley

comp and i in front of the city branch building straight outta Germany!

we cool. Lake Mizzy gang signs!

beautiful sunset.......... at 5:00..... it gets so dark so fast these days!

* this was my first week of training!
let me just say, I LOVE MY COMP SISTER GIBSON!!!!!
she is literally the CUTEST thing!!!!!!
we have become fast friends and we are having a blast!!!!!!
not to mention the MANY MANY MIRACLES we have seen together already!
·  i was SO NERVOUS while we were waiting for our trainees to come and to find out who it was! once they came in and i got assigned to sister Gibson i knew everything was going to be okay! i told heavenly Father that i just needed a friend this transfer and that is just what sister Gibson is! :)
·  we had an AWESOME discussion with our recent convert RH who just got the priesthood!
·  we met with this potential investigator SZ to give her a tour of the church because she committed to come to church and MIRACLES HAPPENED!!!! i felt an instant connection as she came through the doors! we started to tell her about the church and show her around. she really liked everything and when we went to talk to her about the doctrines we teach it all made absolute sense to her!!! it was amazing! she got everything!!! we decided to end the tour by showing her the baptismal font! while we were waiting for the keys to come and she was talking about how she wanted her son baptized we explained that he would have to wait until he turns 8 (again she said it made perfect sense) and then once we opened the door to see the font she thought it was so beautiful and she asked if she could be baptized!!!!! we said that she could and she then went on to plan out how it would all go! it was AWESOME!!!!! as we walked out she told us,
"just so you know i was just going to come to church to be nice and then never come again. but now that i have seen everything and i really like it i think i really want to check this out!" we sat down and read a scripture with her and then my trainee (her first day in the field!!!!) invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!!!
·  we had an awesome ward correlation meeting and we decided to try and figure out how we can help the members create a missionary atmosphere in their homes and how we can involve the youth in missionary work!
·  we had an investigator cuss us out and drop us over the election outcome.....
·  we went tracting one evening and every door that opened we were able to either share the first vision with them, give them a book of Mormon or do BOTH!!! it was insane!
·  on Sunday, right before church is suppose to start we are asked to go get the sacrament bread! it was crazy but we had a member look out for SZ and it all worked out! SZ LOVED CHURCH!!!! she brought her cousin with her and they soaked it all up! her favorite part was Sunday school where the conversation evolved into some really deep doctrine and she LOVED IT!!!!!
·  my trainee has had a few hard times so far but she is willing to stick it out!!! we are going to make it! :D

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sister Roskelley

  bowling with the zone last p-day

sinners are welcome!!!!!!


she fell asleep during weekly planning :) she is so cute!!!!!

rocking the ginormous helping hands tees!!!! ;) love service!

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