its funny how going through the most excruciating trials can forge the closest of bonds. 
that is how is has been for me and sister white.
which makes this goodbye all the harder!
last week we went together, with our mission leadership, humbly before the Lord to council with Him as to what He would have us do. 
before this, the entire day I had this overwhelming sense of hopelessness, discouragement, and i simply didnt know what the end goal here was. i was willing to endure, my testimony was strong, but i didnt have the understanding of what was next. this whole transfer the Lord has enlightened my mind and quickened my understanding so i knew what i needed to do butlast week, like i said, this suddenly left me. i could no longer see that next step in the fog and i realized that i must be looking in the wrong direction.
when we got without leadership and began to discuss the situation we were faced with and the options at hand, it became overwhelmingly clear to all of us, like the sun rising on a new day, what God's will is.
my dear companion will be going home this Wednesday and she will be missed!

·  i got called to train for the first time! crazy!!!!!!! any advice in the category is MUCH appreciated!
·  Keaton Haskell got called to serve in my same mission! he will arrive 3 transfers before i leave!
·  we taught S & JW the intro to the book of mormon and they really enjopyed it and soked it all up! honest seekers of truth!
·  i met T&J and that morning i found a very bold statement from preach my gospel that i felt like i needed to express to them! i wasnt sure how it was going to work but once we got in there j asked a question that i was then able to express that very idea i had studied!
·  we had interviews this week and it was amazing to have president confirm in discussion and in the blessing that he have me that i had truly fulfilled my purpose with sister white! my sacrifice was accepted!
·  we went to a game night that and investigator invited us to! a member brought us and there was a less active couple there! it was awesome!
·  we taught you recent convert EL about studying the scriptures with a question! the spirit was very strong and much revelation was received!
·  we met with KT! it started out really off track but we ended by discussing baptism and she said that she wants it!
it was a great week filled with MANY miracles!!!
see ya next week!
-Sister Roskelley

DEER in our back yard!!!
me and sister eberhardt (the lady i live with)

we did each other's hair :)

if you know me then you know that i don't particularly enjoy roller coasters but i have come to find that the roller coasters of life can be much much harder.
BUT i can say that i am learning and growing in ways that i never even imagined!
my gratitude for the good days has deepened and my fortitude for the hard days has been strengthened.
although the ride has been rocky, filled with unexpected turns, i would never wish it any other way because it has brought me that much closer to my Savior.
when we trust in Him, relying wholly upon Him for our hope and healing, and truly make Him our rock and foundation then no tempest is too great, no burden is too heavy, and no ride is too rocky.
when the ride seems too perilous and we cry out "Master! carest thou not that we parish?!?!?" it is my testimony that He always responds, "peace. be still."
·  we had an appointment with a former investigator who ended up not being home so we taught her aunt and daughter. they listened to the restoration and loved hearing what we had to say about the Savior! at the conclusion of the lesson the little daughter went to give me back the book of mormon and when i told her that she could keep it her eyes lit up and she was so excited!!
·  so Monday we got this great referral...... NOT!!!! we got a referral for a porter rawskelley that lives next door.... i think not.... good one elder roskelley! hahahaha
·  we visited the 90 year old German lady again this week and we tried to explain to her the words mascot and countenance. she is very hard of hearing so it was entertaining trying to work together to come to an understanding! at one point she simply gave up and jokingly said, "cant you just speak German?!?!?!"
·  we had the PERFECT missionary opportunity come up! we had this family scheduled for a dinner appointment. the husband talked to a guy at work about the church and invited him to learn more by coming to said dinner appointment and then he came, we taught WITH the members and were able to have a SOLID appointment!!! it sounds so simple... because it is!!! but it isn't something that happens often so it was super exciting!! hopefully it goes somewhere!!!
·  we had a book of Mormon class at the church that we had a recent convert who has fallen off the map attend!! it was such a great class and by the end the recent convert committed herself to attend church which she did! :D
thing are looking up!
God is good and He is guiding the work here!
thank you for the love, support, and prayers!
they are very much so appreciated!
-Sister Roskelley

the sister we live with!
porter's prank


......but now i am back in! 
October 22, 2015 was the day that i came to Wisconsin and exactly a year later, October 22, 2016 i left :)
i went out of state/my mission so that i could go to the Chicago temple!!!! :)
(side note: my mission president announced this today that the Chicago temple president decided that we can no longer go to the temple so i was the last group of missionaries!!!! such a blessing!!!!)
IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh how i LOVE the temple!!!!!
i got to go with my FAVORITE people!!! one of my stl's and 2 girls from the ysa up in Appleton! we went because one of them was taking out her endowments!!!!! :D 
this was probably one of my favorite days i have ever had on my mission :)
·  this are looking up for my companion and her health! the seizures have completely stopped and now we are just managing the depression without medicine! there are still hard times, a few breakdowns here and there but the medicine she was taking really helped pulled her out of the deep of it so thats a miracle!!!!
·  so with my comp making a recovery it has been amazing to see the days fill up! the Lord truly is aware of our situation and current ability! He is carrying us!!!!
·  we got a referral from a member and we went to go contact her. we introduced ourselves and she said, "yeah, i know alla 'bout choo!!" this is where people normally then let us know they arent interested and close the door! i saw that the door was headed this direction and my mouth opened and i said a short, powerful testimony of Joseph Smith and the first vision. mid door slam she stopped and opened back up. she looked at us and then said that she remembered something about that and invited us in to answer some of her questions! we had a great discussion with her where she really felt the spirit! she agreed to start learning more! :)
·  we visited a 90 something year old German lady who is less active and she told us a story about how pres. dieter f utchdorf was her pilot many years ago! she wasn't a member at the time but wrote him a letter about a year ago and he replied!!! it was so cool!!!
·  this weekend was stake conference and MUCH revelation was received and i didnt think it was possible but my love for and my testimony of the Book of Mormon grew ten fold!!!!
mission life is going better and the work is picking up!
thanks for all of the support, prayers and love!!!! :)
-Sister Roskelley

infront of the city branch building

sporting awkward culver's bib!! :D

temple!!!!! :D :D :D

not gonna lie, this has been a week of testing! (and i dont have much time!)
my companions state was getting better and then Wednesday hit and on top of fighting the anxiety and depression she began to have small episodes of seizures for the past 5 days she has either been seizing or sleeping. i have been left to do all that i know how. do everything for her, cooking and cleaning, and then comforting and holding her when she seizes. we got a hold of the doctor on Saturday and he told her to stop taking all of the meds. so it today is the second day med free and it is hard. the seizures have been less but the depression and anxiety are creeping their way back in. she gets to try a new med on Thursday so we just have to endure until then and hope for the best.
on top of all of this i have been taking on the responsibility if two missionaries, trying to hold our area together.
Tuesday was a MAJOR source of light for me as we had Zone training and then i went of exchanges
we talked about becoming a Zion companionship. while training they asked what that meant and i was able to answer and bear pure testimony that becoming a Zion companionship means their burdens become your burdens.
exchanges was awesome because we saw SO many miracles where we talked to two people that were crying and the gospel was exactly what they were looking for!

the mission president is well informed of the status of my comp and the other day asked how i felt about her staying out on a mission. i refuse to give up on her i told him. we will find a solution!

keep us in your prayers!!!
-Sister Roskelley

the stl's come to visit!!

drawing explaining the situation 

exchanges with this cutie!

this week was spent helping my companion get back to her mental and physical health. i have been her care taker 24/7 trying to lift her, help her, and motivate her. there have been many mornings here she has woken up with no desire to be alive, let alone on a mission, where the words weekly planning have brought her to tears. i have helped council her through these dark times. we are working together to beat this!

·  my comp has cried out to me many times in tears asking what she possibly has to hope for and it has really got me pondering a lot on hope and healing! we have hope because of Christ. hope in anything else will not be sufficient! he has already promised us healing we just have to ask for it, accept it, and wait patiently for the Lord's timing to come! miracles were not always instantaneous! the man born blind had to walk to the pool and then he STILL didnt receive a witness until after much trial and testing!
·  we had an investigator from Oshkosh come and take us to lunch! she opened up about the trials and struggles she has been having and we were also able to gain strength from her! :)
·  we had a super solid lesson with some less actives and they committed to come back to church!
·  we  visited a less active who lost her husband a year ago and it was really powerful to testify of the plan of salvation to her!
·  last p-day i showed my comp some songs i had written and she is a super amazing pianist and she was able to compose a piano part!!!! it is awesome! we are going to record it in a members recording studio soon!
·  we got to go to the mission home yesterday so that my companion could get a blessing from the mission president! it was amazing to hear her blessing confirm us being together! the mission president told us to focus on getting my comp to a better place and to do the work as soon as we can but not to run faster than she has strength! its really strange to be in a new area and still feel like i know nothing about it.... BUT its giving me the opportunity to rely on the Lord!!! things are looking up and we are just going to keep pressing forward!!
sorry of the short email! i got to go!
thanks for all of the love sand support!!!
-Sister Roskelley

lunch with Oshkosh gator!

follow the yellow brick road

i cant believe that i am in Milwaukee right now! it is so surreal!!!
the population here is either German or African American! not much in between....
its so cool!!!!.... its little sketchy.... okay sometimes REALLY sketchy.... but it is fun!

·  Tuesday i got a call from my mission president that i was going to be given a special assignment with the next transfer, to take care of my new companion. she was recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety and has really been struggling. for those of you who know some of the struggles i have faced and the things i have been through in my life, this is one of the greatest opportunities that i could have EVER been given. the spirit overflowed me as i KNEW that this is exactly where the Lord wants me.
·  we went tracting in Oshkosh my last day and the last door that we had time to knock on was this super nice lady who was sincerely looking for truth! it was amazing to talk with her and see how our message was exactly what she had been waiting for! often times on those days where no one wants our message i wonder if i am doing it right, if i am doing all i can to be an advocate and messenger of truth. i wonder if there is some special way to share the message so that it will be better received but when i meet those people who are prepared i realize that i didn't change a single thing about the message, the difference in their heart and that is something only God can change.
·  i got to say goodbye to QN and when i did it was so cool! i got to bear very powerful testimony of the changes i had seen him make and the path that lay ahead of him! it was a very spiritual experience!
·  PT and AT had us for dinner, then we taught NB about general conference and then AT gave me an amazing blessing! it was so hard to say goodbye to these amazing people!!!! PT pulled me aside and thanked me for all that i did to lift the ward. she said that Oshkosh was in a really bad spot and that i had lifted it through my efforts. her husband also pulled me aside and let me know that the stake president told him that he was very impressed with me. i guess you never know how much of an impact you make until you are leaving!
·  the zone leaders let the new sister for Oshkosh know that Oshkosh has carried the whole zone in numbers! hahaha
·  Wednesday i found out just how broken my new companion is but with every crack in her foundation all i can feel in compassion and love. Thursday she had a therapy session and we got in with a doctor who gave her some medicine!!! we are on the upward climb here people! building this area back up and building my comp back up!!!
·  we visited one of the recent converts, RH and had a great lesson on general conference and preparing to go to the temple!
·  we had an investigator show up to a session of conference and then a member invited us to watch it at their house and they invited some non-member friends!!!! it was awesome and conference was AMAZING!!!!!
·  we went over to try a very promising potential investigator. he wasnt home but his wife was! we talked about the message we share and she wants her whole family to learn more! she kept saying, "i dont know why my husband didnt tell me anything about this!!!" we have an appointment this week with their whole family!
great thing are happening! thanks for you love and support!

-Sister Roskelley

Walmart finds!

WML and his fam


PT and AT

SH and AH

saying goodbye to my comp! 

(she gave me a hulk hand and jolly ranchers in parting)

so we just found out about transfers and i am going down to Milwaukee to be in the Lake Michigan ward! 
the craziest part is that i will be joining my last companion sister white!!! #thisneverhappens

Highlights (this email is going to be shorter because i have to pack!!! :)
·  the former bishop and his family threw a birthday party for me! they invited two less active girls my age so that was really fun!
·  we had some time to tract before district meeting and we met this awesome guy who bore his testimony to us about how life is all about having perspective and understanding God more! we shared the First Vision with him and gave him a book of Mormon! he told us that his ex-wife was Mormon and that he knew that the LDS people were very kind, spiritual people and he was willing to meet with us again!!!
·  Tuesday we had literally every appointment cancel on us...... even our dinner appointment!! my only thought was, "Heavenly Father must have someone REALLY special that we are suppose to meet for Him to clear our schedule like this!!! let's go tracting!!!!!!" ;D  well we went out to Omro and we taught 5 first visions, gave out 3 Book of Mormons, and got 3 new investigators!!!!! it was TOTALLY worth it!!!!! even though we were maliciously devoured by mosquitoes! my bite count was 30!!!!!!
·  the last door we knocked was our last new investigator we got! we knocked the door and a shirtless drunk man answered the door (this is not an uncommon scene in Wisconsin...). he said, "oh! religious people! i dont believe in anything! i will go get my wife!" a few minutes later this sweet humble and kind lady steps out onto the porch, apologizes for her husband and is willing to do our survey. we started doing it and not far into it she begins to cry telling us of the spiritual experiences she has had with God and how she doesn't have a church to go to. we taught her the first vision and gave her a Book of Mormon and she was eager to meet again! we went back later in the week and taught her the full restoration! she was very enveloped in our message and by the end we invited her to baptism. she said that she truly did want to be baptized and once she knew t our church to me true she was going to be!!!!
·  we did family history again with QN! he loves it!!!
·  we had a lesson on faith with DS to try and give a foundation to his testimony. he received our message okay but did not accept any of the invitations we gave him. the next day he texted us to drop us :\
·  we visited with EG (former of the elders) and he talked to us about how his wayward children are weighing very heavily on his heart so we shared Alma the younger's story! it was a great discussion!
·  women's conference was AMAZING!!!! i loved all of the speakers!!!!!!
anyway, i gotta get going!!!!!
have a blessed week!!!
-Sister Roskelley

birthday cake #2

the district

Wisconsin cows! MOOOOOOO!!!!!

cow selfie

signing the legendary desk!

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